Adventure kill river

Adventure kill riverWe are killing the river” was the expression of one of the observers of the Pilcomayo which has been cooperating with the environmental monitoring for ten years. So the situation seems to occur this year, with a river in agony in anticipation of the worst environmental disaster so far recorded in the lower basin.

On May 8 was cut out water to Argentina, Paraguay only water to pass through the channel. In the remains of the channel a lot of people go fishing, because fish were trapped in pits insurmountable are thousands (coming from Salta and Bolivia). This year there will be a great loss, like last year. What is surprising and disturbing is that last year was cut in the same place, but in July this year was cut two months before, which means that there will be a drought in Argentina, which will surely impact all over the marsh. Villamontes the situation is close to a disaster, since the entire city’s economy this year will be highly affected.
Most of the growing shifted to the Paraguayan territory, for the effectiveness of the channel and the process of plugging the channel by a combination of natural and anthropogenic activities on the river at the height of the mouth and the first two miles downstream.

The consequences are obvious: the water stopped flowing into Argentina interrupting the passage of migratory fish and announcing a long period of drought for all systems, natural and human, about spills Pilcomayo in Argentina.

Similarly, in Paraguay are produced flooding and clogging of channels and gullies and sediment transport from various sources, such as Catan Bridge. Great slaughter of cattle, flooding of pastures, isolated populations and road cuts are the result of an inflow of water is not regulated in the taking of river.
The economic consequences are obvious: loss of fishery resources, livestock mortality due to flooding or drought, destruction of infrastructure, the most notorious.

Probably the most serious is the loss of the fishing resource for all people of Salta and Bolivia who depend on it, both in commercial and subsistence. It may also provide for a fatal impact on the reproductive capacity of species to spawn upstream (shad and gold in particular), who have shown a progressive reduction of its presence in the basin.


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