How fishing trip in Catalonia Maresme

How fishing trip in Catalonia MaresmeJames is a fisherman Mares me in Catalonia, an area that, like many others, has seen meteoric pace to transform their environment. Today tourism is the activity of coastline with more weight, and there are no fishermen like him artisanal fishermen with gear low environmental impact and low energy consumption. It is not an isolated case, it happens in Europe. Of about 175,000 fishermen in 2003 has spent just under 141,000 in 2007 [1]. However, in Spain but find it hard to make their voices heard, the fishermen of minor arts, are a large majority, over 76% of the total.

And has long had financial problems and each time, just to survive, it has to work harder: he had to modernize the vessel but their margins are getting lower, pressured as it is by the price of other fish that come from outside , the operating costs are becoming higher, and also there are fewer and smaller fish.


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